I was born in Italy in 1989, and after my Diploma at high school “Liceo Classico Paolo Sarpi” I shuttle restlessly between my hometown in the outskirts of Bergamo and Pavia, where is my University. I spend my time on campus and with my wondrous family, that is my parents, my brother and my sister.

The period of studying I’m attending now at Northern Arizona University, in the city of Flagstaff, is but the last of a series of travels throughout Europe (and sometimes beyond).

My purpose here is to do research on immigration, considered both under the perspective of social sciences and under the philosophical point of view that is peculiar of my education.

For this project, that I started and continue under the direction of Drs. Ian Carter and Valeria Ottonelli, I benefit from the help of the NAU Faculty Staff, in particular Drs. Geeta Chowdhry, Christopher Griffin, Stephen Nuño, Michael Hultgren and Matt Evans, whose classes I take, and from Almo Collegio Borromeo, IUSS and University of Pavia generous scholarships.

Dario Mazzola


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