Lot of news, good news: why talking of immigration will lead to significant law and social improvement


It seems to me that immigrants rights are not, or will be no longer considered a few intellectuals’ claim in the US.

The President referred to them in his inaugural speech as a path in the “endless journey” to actual equality of Americans, and Republican Senator Rubio agrees on the main features that Democrats will give to their proposal of immigration reform according to Obama’s declarations in El Paso.


In addition to the awareness of how broken the immigration system is, that becomes more and more common in both major parties, we have a “fighting” support for the Dream act on one side.


Politician are setting themselves in a context and, willingly or not, they will soon get committed to make promises larger than their rivals’. While the public opinion is clearly backing a step forward to inclusion, the recent elections forced Republicans to recognize the strategic importance of the Latino’s support.


I want just to briefly report that, in my personal opinion, the terms of discussion are often flawed. They speak about increasing the economic growth and raising the middle class’s incomes, they speak about labor skills and English, but they rarely mention the needs and the inherent dignity of people, or the hidden, deep boundaries that our rich world has maintains with the exploited, even when they remain in their countries of origin.


Of course they need consensus, and that is the opposite of what you would get if you start a discussion on immigrants rights on a moral rather than an economic or common view (that is “poll report”) basis.

Saying “It’s our own interest” is more appealing than saying “it’s just”.


The consequence of this choice is not irrelevant: as long as we considers immigrants as wheels to be placed sparingly in the empty places of our factories, we will of course look at their speaking fluently and working hard more than at their humanity.


The reality, anyway, will make his road regardless of political ideology: young stranger who finally became US citizens, no matter for what reason, are likely to demand more and more for their children and kin. They will request effective actions after political rhetoric, according to the words of Jiménez, managing director of United We Dream.


Today the path toward immigrant rights is becoming larger, with more people of different political ideas who tread on it. Tomorrow we will see that it bring further than many of them expect.


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